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Debt problems? Struggling to find reliable, local debt help in Yellowknife? We have helped many people in Northwest Territories solve their financial problems and find debt solutions; we can help yours too! C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. understands the unique challenges of northern living, and has a Licensed Trustee available to assist you. Whether you’d like to connect by phone, virtual meeting, or in person, we can help you understand your financial options.  Even if your financial situation is difficult, our specially trained team of debt professionals can find a solution that is designed just for you.

We are here to help you navigate through financial difficulty. We can help you understand all your financial options, and provide convenient options that fit your situation, from the comfort of your home.
Our Licensed Trustee is available to speak with you today.

Let us guide you out of debt and back into control. 

The city of Yellowknife is rich in history, culture, and art. Whether it’s the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre or the Old Town area of Yellowknife, there is much to see and do. Don’t let your debt troubles stand in the way of all that your exciting city has to offer. There are many debt relief solutions to be found when it comes to facing your finances.

At C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., we’ll put you on the right path towards debt relief.

Our Services

Debt Consolidation

Considering debt consolidation? Our trustworthy Licenced Insolvency Trustee can equip you with the right information for debt relief options. While Trustees do not offer consolidation loans, they’ll help you understand what Financial Institutions will consider when looking at your credit history, and what other options might reduce your debt more quickly.

They’re not motivated by sales targets, nor are they interested in selling you products that you don’t need. They’re here to ensure that you find debt solutions and put your needs first before anything else. If you don’t qualify for a consolidation loan, you may still qualify for a consumer proposal.

Consumer Proposal

Our trained team will sit down with you and design a payment plan that will be manageable for you and your creditors. A consumer proposal is a good debt relief option if you’re looking to reduce the interest or overall amount that you owe. In the end, you pay what you can afford while we do all of the negotiating on your behalf.

Credit Counselling

With our credit counselling services in Yellowknife, our team will walk through your finances and budget to explore any situation-specific options that can help you pay down your debt faster. We have licensed and qualified Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Financial Counsellors that can help make your budget work for you. Ask for your credit counselling appointment today – you may find through credit counselling that there are options available to reduce your debt more quickly than budgeting alone.

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring may be necessary if your business is facing debt, as conventional refinancing may not be an affordable option. Our Licenced Insolvency Trustee is more than equipped to help you search for alternatives that will protect you and your business. We will examine every possible option to save your employees’ jobs and your investment. With a background in commercial lending, our team understands the unique challenges your business may face.


For those that may be looking for a financial reset, filing for bankruptcy is one of many options used to break free of debt. Bankruptcy is a complex legal process, and it requires that each client fulfil their duties. It helps to have trustworthy guidance as you go through the process. Our Licenced Insolvency Trustee is an expert when it comes to anything related to bankruptcy. If you have any questions regarding whether or not the bankruptcy option is right for you, ask for your free consultation today. We offer virtual meetings, and in-person consultations, with anyone requiring our services for debt relief.

You don’t have to deal with financial burden alone. Contact C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., Licenced Insolvency Trustee for debt solutions. Their trustworthy credit counselling will provide you with the information you need to select the proper service to lessen your debt and put you back on the road to financial recovery.

Pros & Cons Of Filing Bankruptcy In Canada
Pros & Cons Of Filing Bankruptcy In Canada

It may make sense to get creditor protection and file for bankruptcy when you have no other options available. It isn’t the right move for everyone, but it could be right for you. What should you know about the pros and cons of bankruptcy in Canada?  Here are a few things to be aware of

CEBA Loan Forgiveness Guide
CEBA Loan Forgiveness Guide

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) offered interest-free, partially forgivable loans to Canadian businesses that qualified. Though the loan forgiveness date has now passed, it’s important to understand the terms of loan forgiveness—especially for businesses who refinanced their loan on or before January 18, 2024.  What Is the CEBA Loan? The Canada Emergency Business Account

Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Manitoba Staying Current With Regulatory Developments in Insolvency Law
Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Manitoba Staying Current With Regulatory Developments in Insolvency Law

WINNIPEG, MB:  C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., a leading provider of insolvency services throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Canada’s north, makes it a priority to stay aware of legislative reforms, court rulings, and regulatory initiatives that affect insolvency proceedings.  Maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving insolvency landscape allows the firm to serve its clients

What Happens To A CEBA Loan When A Business Closes
What Happens To A CEBA Loan When A Business Closes

The Government of Canada introduced the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) during COVID-19. The CEBA program aimed to offer loans to small businesses and not-for-profits. These loans were available from over 220 financial institutions in the country. Eligible businesses and not-for-profits could receive interest-free loans of up to $60,000. CEBA loan holders who have had

How To Pay Your CEBA Loan Back
How To Pay Your CEBA Loan Back

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) loan was a loan created by the Government of Canada to provide businesses with cash flow during COVID-19. The loan had two main benefits for business owners if it was paid back before January 18, 2024: It was an interest-free loan Forgiveness of a portion of the principal amount

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