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Debt Help in Alberta

Find trusted, reliable, accurate debt help in Alberta by contacting us at C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. No matter how unique your situation may be, our debt professionals will explain all of your options and answer all of your questions at your free consultation. With an office in Calgary, we are available to meet with you in person by appointment or virtually at a time that works for you. We have helped Albertans like you solve their financial problems by completing a credit counselling session, or filing a Consumer Proposal. If necessary, we can explain the option of bankruptcy, and any impact it might have on your assets. Do you have questions about dealing with debt? We can be your guide. C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. has a Licensed Insolvency Trustee ready and available to answer your questions. Regardless of how complex the financial situation that you currently face, whether it’s inflationary living expenses or credit card debt, we can help you with options that avoid bankruptcy, such as a Consumer Proposal.

Our expert team can speak with you today and help you explore options to get out of debt.

Let us guide you out of debt and back into control. Now serving all of Alberta.


tory blandford
tory blandford
Les Enright
Les Enright
The level of care and expertise provided by Crystal and her team is unmatched! They provide a welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable to deal with anything! Keep up the great work!
xCDx Smith
xCDx Smith

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Can You Be Denied A Consumer Proposal?

Filing a consumer proposal can be an excellent debt relief option for many people in Canada, as well as an alternative to bankruptcy. Consumer proposals can be a successful way out of your debt struggles while also allowing you to keep your major assets. However,...

Enjoying Staycations On A Budget

You’ve been working extremely hard lately, and it’s time that you give yourself a break. Now that the state of the world is slowly opening up travel options, a vacation might sound like a great idea. However, the only problem is that vacationing can be expensive, and...

Moolala: Money Made Simple with Bruce Sellery

Dealing with debt can be different in different communities. We speak to Crystal Buhler, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Debt Free North about how deal with debt differs in more remote communities. Click here to listen to the full episode.   Bruce: I am the...

Guiding Women on Debt, Wealth and Everyday Finances with Crystal Buhler

When it comes to women, wellbeing and autonomy are critical. Be it over our healthcare decisions, our freedom of movement, or our finances, having the ability to make informed choices that meet our needs and address our challenges is foundational to full participation...

How Long After A Consumer Proposal Can I Get A Credit Card?

A consumer proposal is a helpful debt relief option for those struggling with paying back their creditors. For those who may not know, a consumer proposal is a legally binding agreement that you make with your creditors. In this agreement, you will pay back a portion...

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How Long Does A Consumer Proposal Stay On Your Credit File?

Both your credit score and credit report have a major impact on almost all of the financial decisions you can make. When you file a consumer proposal, it will affect your credit and stay on your credit report for a set period of time from the date you filed, or from...

Winnipeg Licenced Insolvency Company Highlighting The Fact That Most Canadians Now Feel Worse Off Than Any Time Since 2010

WINNIPEG, Canada - C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, is launching a campaign to highlight the concerns of Canadians across the country, who are becoming more and more concerned about their financial situation. This comes on the back of a...

Income Tax Debt

What to do about Income Tax Debt   Financial Options for dealing with Income Tax Debt Owing income taxes to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be a scary place to be. In addition to freezing bank accounts and garnishing wages, CRA has an extraordinary ability to...

Three Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy In Canada

You might be absolutely positive you don’t want to file for bankruptcy in Canada. But if that’s the case, be sure it’s for the right reasons. There are many preconceived notions about bankruptcy that might be deterring you from even considering bankruptcy as a...

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