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Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Hinton, Alberta

Hinton, Alberta, is home to numerous outdoor adventures, whether at the Hinton Bike Park, Beaver Boardwalk, or the Athabasca River Front. While there’s so much room for opportunity, it can be hard to take advantage of the great outdoors when you’re drowning in financial debt. Course correcting your financial situation can be easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., we’ll put you on the right path toward dealing with your debt.

When considering options to manage your debt, our Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) and our team of trained debt professionals can help you find the best debt relief option. We will discuss all the alternatives with you, whether it’s a consumer proposal, filing for bankruptcy, debt consolidation, credit counselling, and more. We’ll provide each Hinton client with proper information that will assist you in choosing the most appropriate action plan.

Let us guide you out of debt and back into control. Now serving  Hinton, AB.

Consequences of Unmanageable Debt

If your debts are unmanageable, you may experience negative consequences. That’s why it’s paramount to take control of your finances as soon as possible. Allowing your debt to increase can negatively impact your lifestyle, your relationships with family/friends and harm your financial future. As the debt piles higher and higher, the impact of high-interest payments begins to take a toll. 

Many debtors seek relief by relying on their credit cards, waiting until their finances bounce back, and when they don’t, they’ll resort to loans in order to pay their bills. The only problem with doing so is that you’re borrowing money without a solid plan to repay those amounts down the line. It is only a temporary solution for your finances, and you may wind up with severe credit card debt, adding more stress to your financial situation. In the most difficult cases, if you aren’t able to pay off your credit cards, the debt will begin to impact your credit score, leaving you with poor credit and a low credit score, which can hurt your chances of obtaining loans in the future. 

In addition, debtors often take on multiple jobs and end up burnt out due to the long hours and stress. Making a living and trying to save some funds for your future can seem impossible if you’re stuck in a rut. It can be difficult to take the wheel when you’ve already spun out of control. That’s why you should consider learning about debt management solutions that can help your situation.

Our Debt Help Services

Debt Consolidation

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee, together with our team of debt professionals, can offer information regarding debt consolidation as a debt relief option. While Trustees don’t consolidate loans, they can explain the process and inform you as to how a Financial Institution will look at your credit history. Our team of trustworthy debt professionals, together with our LIT, will walk you through all of the debt-relief options that can wipe your financial slate clean. 

Our team is not motivated by sales targets or selling you products you don’t need. Our main goal is to help you find the best possible solution to deal with your debt and put your needs above all else. If you don’t qualify for a debt consolidation loan, you should consider applying for a consumer proposal – a process that we can do for you.

Consumer Proposal

When considering a consumer proposal, our Trustee will sit down and design a manageable payment plan that will work for you and your creditors. Consumer proposals are beneficial if you want to reduce the interest or overall amount you owe. There’s no need to worry about whether you can pay back the full amount of your debt. In a Consumer Proposal, you pay what you can afford while our team negotiates with your creditors on your behalf.

Credit Counselling

Our LIT and our trained Credit Counsellors will walk you through the credit counselling alternative by exploring your budget and any situation-specific options that can help you pay down your debt faster. Our knowledgeable team of licensed and qualified Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act Financial Counsellors can help make a budget that works for you. Contact us to set up a financial counselling appointment today—let us show us how you can get out of debt more quickly, with less stress.

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring might be necessary if your business is facing debt and conventional refinancing isn’t an affordable alternative. Our Trustee will help you search for an option that protects you and your business. We’ll examine every potential solution to save your investment and employees’ jobs. With a background in commercial lending, we understand the unique challenges that your business might face.


If you’re looking for a financial reset, filing for bankruptcy is one of the many options used to break free from debt. However, bankruptcy is a complicated legal process that requires specific duties to be fulfilled. Our LIT and our team of debt professionals will guide you through the process; they’re experts when it comes to anything bankruptcy-related. If you have questions about bankruptcy, ask for a free consultation today. We offer free consultations for all Hinton, AB, residents.

How To Get Started

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee and our team of debt professionals are more than happy to help you find debt relief in Hinton, Alberta. We can go over your options when you contact us for a free consultation today. Once we’ve walked through the available alternatives, such as credit counselling, consumer proposals or bankruptcy, we can help you toward clearing your debt and rebuilding your financial health.

Dealing with debt is something you don’t have to do alone. We encourage all Hinton clients to reach out to us to find a debt management solution before your finances worsen. There’s a way out of debt, and we can show you how.

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