Winnipeg Licenced Insolvency Company Highlighting The Fact That Most Canadians Now Feel Worse Off Than Any Time Since 2010

Apr 27, 2022 | Debt Consolidation

Written by C. Buhler & Associates Ltd.

Written by C. Buhler & Associates Ltd.

WINNIPEG, Canada – C. Buhler & Associates Ltd., a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, is launching a campaign to highlight the concerns of Canadians across the country, who are becoming more and more concerned about their financial situation. This comes on the back of a recent study by the Angus Reid Institute, entitled Inflation Anxiety: More Canadians Say They’re Worse Off Now Financially Than Any Time Since 2010, which mirrors exactly what the company hears from their clients daily. 

Unfortunately, things are likely to get worse before they get better, with the cost of food and fuel increasing rapidly and inflation hitting its highest rate in three decades. Canadians are beginning to feel the economic effects already, which is why C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. is highlighting the issues in an attempt to get ahead of the wave before the problem really gets out of control. Some worrying statistics from the survey include the staggering fact that three in five (57%) Canadians say that it is currently difficult to feed their household. In 2019, when the Angus Reid Institute asked this same question, only 36 percent said this aspect of their finances was causing them difficulty. As Canadians endure these challenges, many expect worse to come. While almost one-quarter (23%) of Canadians are optimistic that their financial standing will improve in the next 12 months, 29 percent say it will worsen.

“Although the global pandemic in relation to COVID may be starting to recede, the financial implications of the situation are only just beginning,” said Crystal Buhler, President and Licensed Insolvency Trustee with C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. “Many of the people we speak with are very concerned about their financial future. We see many people across the country, although worried about their finances, are burying their heads in the sand, which is not a good strategy to deal with debt. The best way to deal with financial concerns is to take informed action, which is where a licensed insolvency practitioner can assist. We are determined to highlight the options available and help as many people as possible to minimize the long-term damage to their finances.” 

C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. is a locally owned and operated company based in Manitoba, Canada. The company understands that debt is a source of significant stress and can be a contributing factor to many mental health conditions. Debt is often listed as one of the leading factors in relationship breakdown. Even if no payments have been missed, there can still be a better way than living under the weight of debt. C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. knows that no matter where a person is on the spectrum of debt, it doesn’t need to get to the point that it impacts health and relationships. Their professionals are available to help clients get a fresh start. They serve as their clients’ guides and help them navigate through their unique situations. For more information about C. Buhler & Associates Ltd. and the services they offer, visit their website at If you need debt help in Winnipeg, contact our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Winnipeg.

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