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Financial difficulty during Covid-19

If you find yourself having financial difficulty during this stressful time of Covid 19, you're not alone. In fact the Bank of Canada has found that household debt has risen as a result of covid. You have options You may have already done your homework and realized...

Warning signs of Financial Difficulty

By Tanner McAuley When you think about your finances, what comes to mind? Does thinking about it bring on uncertainness and anxiety? Although having debt is normal, it can quickly turn into an unmanageable weight. For this reason it is a topic that many do not like to...

C. Buhler & Associates – COVID19

COVID-19 Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we understand Canadians have many questions about finances, and may be worried. We are still available to help! We want you to know we are open for business, and despite these challenges being new for many in our...

Sweet! It’s Friday!

During times of financial difficulty it is important to remain connected to family. When creating your budget be sure to leave room for family activities.